Palliative Care

A patient with an advanced stage of illness, predominantly cancer but also other illness where a cure is not possible is referred to as ‘terminally Ill’. These patients usually do not live more than six months and they are affected physically and mentally with the fear of dying. These patients should be ideally cared for in a Hospice or at home and not in a hospital. The care aims to relieve their symptoms like pain, nausea and vomiting as well as allaying anxiety and fear of death. There is a need for help with personal hygiene, nursing, rand mobility among others. There is also a need for spiritual support and counselling for the patient and their family/loved ones. This care is referred to as palliative care.

Various other issues that need addressing, like economic support for the poor. Some of them are facing financial difficulties to an extent where they cant even afford traveling by public transport to attend the hospital or clinics.

CANE provides palliative care both at the CANE Jaffna Hospice as well as at patient’s home. We also help the patients with transport facilities.

Palliative care includes the following:

  • improves quality of life
  • gives relief from pain and other distressing symptoms
  • supports life and keeping people as healthy as possible to the end
  • combines psychological and spiritual aspects of care
  • offers a support system to help people live as actively and comfortably as possible until death
  • offers a support system to help the family cope during a person’s treatment and in bereavement
  • uses a team approach to address the needs of the person who is ill and their families
  • also applies to the earlier stages of illness, alongside other therapies/treatments that are aimed at prolonging life
  • can take place in hospitals, hospice and in people’s homes.
  • includes end of life care