Kind words

A Patient’s Letter (Translated from Tamil)


Cancer Aid for North & East (Sri Lanka)


Dear Sir

I, Ms NR of the above address has been working as a casual labourer until year 2000.Since then I have been suffering from Ovarian Cancer and for the treatment I have been visiting Maharagama Cancer Clinic every month. During each visit I had to get my blood tested at a private blood testing laboratory at a cost of Rs.650 Despite great financial difficulty to my family, I had to get this done regularly and your support as well as assistance towards this is greatly appreciated.

One day I read in a newspaper about your Organisation and the help they provide to people in my situation and immediately I contacted Dr Sayalolibawan and explained my position and I obtained some money instantly. I felt as if a shower that brought life to drought affected crops.1 am praying to god that you should get his blessings for your noble deeds.

Majority of the people who are affected by this dreadful disease are poor and they do not have sufficient money even to feed themselves. In this situation how could they attend a clinic? They all have to go to Maharagama for treatment and if not for your financial assistance they wouldn’t be alive today. There is so much poverty prevailing at Batticaloa at present.

Presently over 200 cancer patients are receiving assistance from CANE. Whenever we visit them they welcome and console us and provide us with money. Towards this end the money you remit is of great help. For this I can’t find words to express my gratitude. You deserve unlimited number of thanks. I am thankful to all the members of your organisation and I am praying for their good health and wealth. Also I wish to thank you for your feelings and services I am praying that your services should continue to help the poor and very needy like me.

In this context I would like to quote a verse from Thirukkural which goes on to say that those who provide service will prosper whereas those who receive the service and forget it will be doomed.

Based on this verse we would never forget you forever because you have given us life by your generous actions. If not for your help we would have all perished long ago.

We continue to seek your assistance..

Yours ever grateful

NR (name withheld)



Cancer Aid for North/East Sri Lanka


Dear Sir

I am writing this letter as a beneficiary of your organisation. I am a fisherman by profession and my daughter who is suffering from cancer is being treated at Maharagama Cancer Hospital. In my area fishing ws not permitted at times under certain situations and as a result my income is very much reduced. Due to this situation it has become difficult to take my daughter to Colombo for treatment.

One day I happened to see in a newspaper where Dr Sayalolibawan has written about the assistance being provided by your charity and asked those in need of help to contact him. Subsequently when I met him, he explained in detail the activities of your organisation and offered me financial assistance. This gave me great relief and happiness. It is extremely difficult for a poor person like me to travel to Colombo frequently for medical treatment. At the same time as a father I could not overlook the medical treatment of my daughter. At this juncture the assistance I got from your organisation was like a windfall. I also learnt that your organisation has helped many other patients who were in similar situation. Your help is great and I request that your services should continue to benefit the people of my country.

May God bless you all.

I conclude this letter by thanking for all your generocity and humanity.



With respect

(Name withheld)