The inpatient hospice was completed and opened on 28 January 2006. We are taking in patients now for both terminal and respite care.

Varying number of patients are being cared for in the CANE Hospice.


A UK trained Palliative Care Specialist Dr Meera Rajasekaran had initially trained the nursing and Medical staff of the CANE JAFFNA HOSPICE at its inception.

From Feb 2004 – Feb 2006 CANE’s home care team have successfully cared for nearly seventy (mostly terminal) cancer patients in their homes.
This service was terminated with the opening of our Hospice. We found that there was a need for a Home Care service again and a new Service was born in 2016 with funding from IMHO (USA). This is running successfully and over 360 patients have benefitted from this project.

Currently there are two Oncologists(Dr C.Rajasooriyar and Dr Indranath) working at Jaffna and Tellipalai hospitals, their work work has improved the health of the people. We work closely with them to provide a cohesive care. Dr Anusha Yogarajah from the Oncology team does regular ward rounds at the hospice.