Cancer in Batticaloa, Trincomalee & surrounding areas

We support the Batticaloa Cancer Society, by funding in the following manner:

Biopsy and cancer diagnostic services through private laboratory services. Currently there is an inadequate pathology service to diagnose cancer at Batticaloa Hospital.

Nutritional support of cancer victims.

Transport to Treatment at Maharagama Cancer Hospital, Colombo. There is currently no facility to treat cancer patients at Batticaloa.

Providing financial assistance to poor patients.

Extracts from a recent presentation to CANE UK -by Dr Sayalolibawan, President, Batticaloa Cancer Society explains their activities:

Batticaloa Cancer Society

Re-organized in the year 2000 with a few members in order to launch an important project to help Cancer victims Currently most outstanding branch in Sri Lanka with over 200 members Carrying out 4 major projects for the benefit of poor cancer patients in the Ampara & B’Co districts, Was defunct after 1990 June for nearly a decade. Funded mainly by “CANE”- Cancer Aid North East – Based in London.

Also Receives donations from the public & well wishers.

CANE UK has been funding the project since 1999 January Remitted nearly Rs 3.5 million so far. Agreed to fund the 2nd project (nutrition) from August 2004 Prepared to help more when required.

TH Batticaloa does not have a Pathologist
Specimens are being sent to NHSL/CIM/MRI for histopathology.
Delay in getting the reports – causes a delay in diagnosis and treatment.

With the CFA Durdans Hospital(Private) collects specimens from various collecting centers and provides the reports in a week For poor pts the Batticaloa Cancer society pays for the private investigations.
10 – 15 patients are being assisted through this project monthly.

Project started with funds donated by LTCC, then continued by “CANE” funds from 1999.

Commenced on 29th Sept 2000 with £ 1000 from CANE
Up to Dec 31st 2000 26 pts were assisted – Rs.51490
Up to date 1199 pts have received financial assistance amounting to nearly Rs.1.98 million.

Male patients – earlier Rs.500, then Rs.600, and now Rs.750
Female patients and children – earlier Rs 1000, then Rs.1200, and now Rs.1500.

Patientsts sent by ambulance – earlier Rs.300,and now Rs.500

“CANE” – Is Our Major project partner.