About Us

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases in the world, a patient with cancer undergoes enormous psychological and physical trauma wherever they live, whether in a developed or developing country. But, the cancer suffering in the war torn area of North and East – Sri Lanka is of an unimaginable magnitude.

CANE Cancer Aid for North and East – Sri Lanka, is an organisation founded in the UK in 1993 became a UK registered charity in 1995. Our aim is to provide medical, financial and other assistance to cancer patients. Funds are collected through monthly subscriptions from members, voluntary contributions from well wishers, till collections and through fund-raising events.

The association has, with the generous assistance of the people, continues sponsoring cancer diagnosis, providing palliative treatment. and continuing care for the most needy cancer patients from North East in Sri Lanka. Relevant accounts and details of beneficiaries can be made available on request.

We appeal to you to contribute generously to this worthy cause, to alleviate the hardship of these patients.

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CANE UK Committee members

Dr(Mrs) K.Arunasalam (Chairman)
Dr P.Thayalasekaran (Vice Chairman)
Mr Giri Wijeyasingham (Secretary)
Mr M.Sriragavan (Treasurer)
Mr Balendran (Asst Treassurer)
Dr J.Namasivayam (Advisor)
Miss D.Baleswaran
Mr M.Thangarajah
Mrs S.Thayalasekaran
Mr V.Sivasundaram
Miss R. Baleswaran
Miss J. Rajan
Mr K. Mahanandan(honorary)
Mrs R. Vaheesan

CANE Jaffna Hospice Board of Management

Dr R.Surenthirakumaran (Chairman)
Dr A.J. Thanenthiran (Secretary)
Dr C. Surendran (Treasurer)  
Dr P.Nachinarkinian                                                                            
Dr T.Peranandarajah
Dr A. Aru Thirumurugan
Dr R.Chrishanthi
Dr G.Rajeev
Dr N.Parameswaran
Dr P.Thileepan 
Dr S.Gowsigan
Dr S.Mathurakan
Mr S.Srivakeesan
Mr S.Krishnananthan
Mr M.Thiyagarajah
Mr P.Kamalanathan
Mr S.Kishokumar
Dr K.Arunasalam
Dr J.Namasivayam
Mr M.Thangarajah

UK Registered Charity No: 1044299
A company limited by guarantee and Registered in England & Wales. Reg No: 2871824