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CANE UK, C206,Cunningham House,19-21 Westfield lane, Harrow, HA3 9ED
United Kingdom.

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Jaffna Medical Association Newsletter

We are looking to expand our Mobile Home Care services as well as our Cancer awareness and prevention programmes.

Dr N. Kanagaratnam, our past President of CANE Jaffna Hospice passed away in May 2008.

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CANE Jaffna Hospice

What we do:

Mobile home based palliative care.

Hospice based in-patient palliative care.

Community and Hospice based Cancer awareness activities.

Community and hospice based cancer , palliative care education.

Work with like minded organizations and individuals.

Jaffna Hospice Residential & Home Care Service provided by CANE UK.

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Cane Hospice

The 22 bed inpatient hospice has been completed. We opened on 28 January 2006. We are providing inpatient care (both terminal & respite) in our Hospice.

From Feb 2004 - Feb 2006 CANE's original home care team had successfully cared for nearly seventy (mostly terminal) cancer patients in their homes.
This service was terminated with the opening of our Hospice. We found that there was a need for a Home Care service again and a new Service was born in 2016 with funding from IMHO (USA). This is running successfully and over 375 patients have benefitted from this project. (An article in IMHO USA Souvenier 2018 explains how we do this. Click here)

There seems to be a recent reduction in the inpatient numbers but the demand for home care and outreach work has increased a lot. Our Mobile Home Care caters to this increasing need at present in the areas in divisions around the CANE Hospice; namely Nallur Kopay Sandilipay Uduvil Chunnakam and Tellippalai. We a looking for support and funds to expand this service to other areas gradually.

Prayer hallThe CANE Hospice Doctor, along with the local Consultant Oncologists and their team, are providing continuous care for the resident patients in the Hospice.



CANE has been planning a hospice service since Sept 2002 and after a few setbacks in finding the land to build on, the Hospice was opened in February 2006.
The Jaffna Hospice Home Care Service which has now been providing terminal care in the patient’s home, following the success of a similar service operational in Calicutt, South India. There is a continuing need for the Mobile Hospice.

CANE has forged links with The Jaffna Cancer hospital, The Jaffna General Hospital as well as the Society for the Prevention of Cancer and Aids, Northern Province to collect information about the cancer patients who are in need of terminal care.

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