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CANE UK, C206,Cunningham House,19-21 Westfield lane, Harrow, HA3 9ED
United Kingdom.

Charity No:1044299


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Hospice Care (in-patient care)

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Home Based Palliative Care

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Payment for Biopsy

Since there is no Pathologist at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, specimens for diagnosis of cancer have to be sent to Colombo for biopsy. CANE reimburses the cost of biopsies done for poor patients who cannot afford to pay. Monthly; around Rs: 45,000 is allocated to this. About 20 patients benefit from this per month.


We propose to carry out screening programs for cancer patients. But due to lack of trained human resource it has been shelved for the present. We hope to do this
Recently Cervical screening is being carried out at the Trail Hospital at Tellippalai

Cancer Education/Awareness Programmes:

CANE Hospice conducts educational programs to prevent cancer and also for early detection of cancer. These programs are carried out in schools and workplaces. Medical students and the staff of the Hospice take part in the health promotion.
The Hospice also prints educational materials and distributes them
Twenty five (25) posters with information on early detection of Cancer are available.
Multimedia projector is being used for this program. These posters are kept in the CANE Hospice building to enable the member of public to view the Posters and acquire knowledge on Cancer.

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